0800-0850 Onsite Registration
0850-0900 Opening Remark by Conference Moderator
0900-0920 Improving Educational Outcomes through Innovation: Technology Driving Personalized and Core Curriculum Online Education Programs
0920-0940 Triple-Teacher Model: Chinese Teacher + AI+ Foreign Teacher
0940-1000 AI Empowered Online Education
1000-1020 Promoting Interest in Education by Interactive Teaching
1020-1040 Coffee Break & Networking
1040-1100 Practices Sharing of Introducing Python Programming in Primary and Middle School
1100-1120 Opportunities and Challenges of Innovative Education for Children
1120-1200 Round Table Panel Discussion: Transform Education with Technology       
1200-1220 Global Online Education & Smart Learning Annual Awarding Ceremony 2019
1220-1400 Buffet Lunch
1400-1420 Are You Kidnapped by Online Foreign Teacher?
1420-1440 Online Education + Live Streaming
1440-1500 Case Study of University Informationlization Construction
1500-1520 Success in Marketing for Online Education
1520-1540 The Breaking and Deconstruction of Future Smart Education
1540-1600 Coffee Break & Networking  
1600-1620 Practices of Innovative Education in China
1620-1640 Intelligent Customer Service Accelerating the Development of Online Education
1640-1700 New Height For AI Empowered Education
1700         Closing Remarks
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